Masterloop IoT Platform

A powerful IoT platform is the core for translating your IoT dreams into reality. Masterloop IoT platform makes it easy for you by combining your data, device and connectivity management in one hand. Masterloops IoT platform accelerates your business and decreases complexity of IoT applications and services.


  • Have a head start

Masterloop IoT platform integrates with your current systems, so there’s no need to build new solutions from scratch.

  • Customize the options

Masterloops IoT platform scales with you, by uncompromisingly connecting products of different businesses with a strong and modular approach.

  • Make your business more predictable

Masterloop IoT platform provides you scalable hardware, flexible connectivity with your customers and connected products while letting you focus on unveiled story of your data.

Regardless of which IoT inputs you use, Masterloop`s IoT platform provides you the simplest way to gather, monitor and manage your data – giving you the insights you need to make powerful improvements.

The easiest way to use your data is to choose a great platform partner. To discover more, contact us.



Masterloop IoT system architecture, in its simplistic view, consists of three tiers:

Tier 1; Devices

Devices include networked things, such as the sensors and actuators found in IoT equipment, particularly those that use protocols to connect Masterloop IoT platform.

Tier 2; Masterloop IoT Platform

Masterloop IoT platform consists of sensor data aggregation systems; message server, Web API, REST API database and microservers that provide functionality for pre-processing of the data and securing connectivity to cloud. The message server, scalable, secure messaging system between devices and apps, supports publish and subscribe to message topics with multiple-way communication. It connects via AMQP, MQTT or WebSockets. Masterloop IoT platform also consists of cloud-based software services for applications which are exposed via RESTful APIs, Web APIs or HTTP.

Tier 3; Apps

Applications like mobile and web interfaces that are Masterloop or customer enabled can make use of the Masterloop IoT Platform’s messaging and management features to provision and communicate with devices, manage users and access, provide service insights, and integrate with your current business intelligence systems. The IoT platform provides all the tools you need to build, launch and operate, and grow a business around an internet-connected product.

Masterloop IOT system

Masterloop IOT system

The pieces of the system could work independently, but they work even better as a whole.

Masterloop platform offers a custom host and provider of services to keep your IoT projects safe, as well as non-exclusive IoT platform seller.


Connectivity & Messaging: MQTT, AMQP, Websocket message broker, HTTP, WEB API, REST API

Application Library: C#, Kotlin, AngularJS

Cloud: Masterloop Cloud Services

Device Library: C/C++/C#/.NET