Device and Application Plug-ins

The Internet of Things is made up of connected devices and applications, so IoT system needs some kind of connectivity, especially if it uses the cloud. Some IoT applications collect a ton of data. Instead of buying expensive hardware for storage and processing these data, it is easy to go for cloud. Only you need for your data is to be sent from your device to your application through cloud and for your commands are to be returned from your application to your device, following the same way.

Masterloop’s device plug-in and application plug-in allow you to exchange information in a cheaper and easier way between devices, applications and cloud. They provide consistent and portable communication allowing you to access the internet and  send messages.

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Masterloop Spatial Temporal Analytics (Stean)

Masterloop Geo Analytics simplifies and accelerates the task of creating geo sensor data solutions by providing functionality specialized on handling large amounts of sensor data that with an associated position.

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Masterloop Observation Analyzer

Download the Masterloop Observation Analyzer tool for inspecting logged data from your devices.


  • Microsoft Windows XP or higher

  • .NET Framework 4 or higher

  • A Masterloop account.