Masterloop is a software development company which was founded in 2013 for delivering B2B industrial IoT software products, components and cloud services to the professionals across various business segments.

Today Masterloop is an established team of professionals in Internet of Things Development (IoT) as well as mobile apps and web portals.

To explore new talents and widen its footprints all across the world, today Masterloop has 7 software developers in 3 different locations: Oslo-Norway, Stavanger-Norway and Colombo-Sri Lanka.

Vision and Mission  

The world is becoming more and more connected and digitalized. A side effect is that we are drowning in our own data.

 Our vision is to make better use of sensor data by turning it into actionable intelligence. 

 Our mission is to develop optimal solutions for software vendors and to deliver high quality integrated solutions for businesses with our dedicated and growing team.

Masterloop helps you dig into big mountains of data and find your information diamonds