Internet of Things - Digitalization - Cloud

Masterloop is an experienced provider of Internet of Things/Digitalization research and development services.

We have delivered digitalization solutions since 2013 for many clients.

Embedded software, mobile apps, cloud REST APIs and advanced web applications are some of what we provide.

We have 7 years of experience with public cloud hosting from Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

We also offer advisory and strategic consulting within product management, system or software development, from capturing ideas, specifications, user stories, test strategies and similar in written form.


GIS Software Consultancy

Masterloop provides first class GIS consultancy. This includes advisory, data processing and software development services. Software services includes software integration, configuration, customization and development of GIS related software solutions.


Navtor NavStation Design

NAVTOR NavStation software integrates all digital navigational data for optimal on screen presentation to plan and organize a safe, secure and economical voyage. NAVTOR NavStation is a giant leap in the evolution of e-Navigation.

Masterloop developed the user interface design and provided advisory services for how to visualize the various data layers.


GeoPlayGround GIS version 2015

Masterloop assisted in developing the GIS functionality of the GeoPlayGround software suite.

This included:

- Configuration of ESRI ArcGIS server.

- Creation of ESRI ArcGIS data layers.

- Conversion and formatting of GIS data.

- Integration of ESRI ArcGIS .NET SDK with GPG WPF software.



Bergen Risk Solution Custom Development 

Masterloop developed the entire front-end, back-end and app for the Bergen Risk Solutions Blackbeard software suite. This system is used for capturing maritime piracy incidents systematically, encoding the data consistently in a custom made GIS database, and publishing the data to subscribers on various GIS formats.

The project consisted of:

- Development of WPF application for editing GIS data.

- Development of Azure back-end for server and storage.

- Development of Xamarin Forms based app for end-user data consumption.

- Development of modern json formats for GIS Data distribution to third-parties.


App Development

Masterloop is an experienced App developer, having developed many mobile and tablet apps for both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices. Below are examples of apps that we have developed.



Bergen Risk Solutions Blackbeard mobile app gives users the option to subscribe to maritime intelligence related to piracy attacks and incidents. The app consists of:

- In-app subscription purchases.

- Map display of incidents with self-developed custom map display.

- List display of incidents with self-developed custom incident items.

- Advanced navigation with hamburger menu, modal screens.

- Following the MVVM pattern, developed with Xamarin.

- Available for iOS and Android (phones and tablets).


Zaptec ZapCharger (Version 1)

The Zaptec ZapCharger app allows users of Zaptec chargers to manage and charge their Electrical Vehicle with high power ZapCharger EV chargers. The app consists of:

- Real-time connection to charger through messaging bus.

- Self-developed custom controls for displaying electrical energy and more.

- Bluetooth Low Energy connection to ZapCharger.

- Advanced navigation with hamburger menu, modal screens.

- REST client.

- Following the MVVM pattern, developed by Xamarin.

- Available for iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets).



The SeaBit app allows boat owners to monitor their boat condition remotely through an app. The user installs a dedicated device (SeaBit module) in the boat. The device monitors the boat movements, electrical system, water levels and more continuously. The SeaBit device then connects to the Masterloop IoT Cloud Services on an hourly basis through the cellular data network and uploads any status changes.

The mobile app consists of:

- Display of boat status through dashboard with the latest measurements.

- REST client to obtain data from cloud service.

- Hamburger based navigation, detail pages.

- Plotting of data for history trends: temperature, batter voltage, humidity.

- Map display of boat positions historically.

- Filter to select time frame to inspect.

- Notifications.

- MVVM architecture.

- Xamarin Forms for iOS and Android.