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A powerful IoT platform is the core for translating your IoT dreams into reality. Masterloop IoT platform makes it easy for you by combining your data, device and connectivity management in one hand. Masterloops IoT platform accelerates your business and decreases complexity of IoT applications and services.



Masterloop Portal is an online tool which is designed to provide full control and easy access to your devices and data on the Masterloop IoT Platform. By focusing on your desire on informative content, Masterloop Portal enables you to manage your IoT devices wherever and whenever, from a laptop, desktop, tablet or on the go with your mobile phone.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects such as devices, vehicles and other items which softwares, sensors, and network connectivity are inserted in to collect data. The architecture of true end-to-end IoT platform consists of providing its components. Masterloop is a complete IoT solution company which supports also a deployment of IoT components mentioned below.

Gateways; which enables easy management of data traffic flowing between protocols and networks. On the other hand, it also translates the network protocols and makes sure that the devices and sensors are connected properly.

Analytics; which makes converting the analog data of devices and sensors into a format that is easy to read and analyze.

Sensors; which is designed to sense the environment if it is used in an electronic system. It plays a key role to transform data into an electric signal.  Masterloops sensors are utilized in various applications with lower power designs and compatible for harsh environments.

Services, platforms and networks; which are crucial to process big data, build and run innovative applications, optimize business processes by integrating data from sensor devices, and to tie IoT components for pervasive connectivity.

Masterloop, which is adopting IoT solutions to the rapidly changing business environment, can provide any of its IoT components you need for your IoT solutions.

For more information and to select the right components for your needs, contact us.