”Cloud solution for electric bike sharing as public transportation”

Masterloop CityBike.Cloud is a complete cloud service for electric bike rental, developed with smart bike technology to meet urban dwellers`expectations.

Masterloop`s solution, is a system for bike sharing created to connect bicycles online, and to integrate with public transportation systems for ticketing and end user support.

The product is a comprehensive and complete turn-key e-bike solution, targeted for Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS) providers, with an open API and with shared source code.

Docking stations map

Docking stations map


CityBike helps you know the status of the bicycle as well as of the docking stations -which are also made for Nordic climate- by providing a secure, dependable, fast connection.  

CityBike collects information from the bikes, to ensure a optimal distribution of eBikes at the right time every day. If for example a docking station is about to be filled up with bikes or gets emptied, you get notified.


It builds a secure foundation to leverage implementation for gathering the real-time data of the bicycles, auto-detected bike status and associated alerting system. CityBike delivers critical information for maintenance and repair management system with high performance real network infrastructure.

Masterloop’s solution consists of ticketing application for end-users for fast and efficient usage.




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Our solution substantially changes the way that the project is implemented by letting you stay up-to-date with real-time information.

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