We are drowning in data, but starving for information.
— Forbes Magazine, 2013

Our products makes it possible to understand your sensor data more efficiently way, for example by showing the data visually in a map context.


Masterloop Digitalization Platform

Masterloop has since 2013 provided digitalization solutions for connecting devices such as sensors, machines, cars, boats and more with mobile apps, web applications and other controlling software solutions.

The Masterloop Digitalization Platform is provided both as a hosted solution through Masterloop Cloud Services, or as a private cloud for self-hosting.




Integrated Suite

The Masterloop Digitalization platform makes it possible for you to give your sensors or other devices a standardized API, that allows for easy integration with other systems such as mobile devices, web application, artificial intellience systems or other third party company systems.


Data Logging

A built-in feature of the Masterloop digitalization software is a high performance data logging service that allows logging of thousands of data points per second on average computer hardware.

Data stream can be easily integrated with artificial intelligence analytics for further use, or piped to a display for near real-time visualization.


Remote Control

Easily control your device, including remote configuration, controlling device features or manage firmware upgrades.

Sensor Data Browsing

Browse your devices and inspect data, and plot them or view them in a table. This feature is very useful during development of new devices before a tailored front end has been developed.

View GIS data directly on maps for fast and easy visualization.


Command & Control

Send commands and view command history for all devices from within the portal. Useful during development before you have a front-end/sub system supporting your new device commands.



Remote Diagnostics

View device events using the portal, to diagnose devices during development, or during production. All events are kept for consistent history.

Masterloop Geo Analytics

Geo Analytics

The Masterloop Geo Analytics software can process high volumes of sample points which have an associated position and provide grids and geometric shapes such as poly lines and polygons for further display.


Output of the process is a regular grid, or contoured data provided in GeoJSON / KML data formats for integration with other GIS tools or tools such as Google Earth, ESRI ArcView, PostGIS, QGIS and more.

Left: The actual data model, where a sensor has sampled 1 million samples along a given path.

Right: Resulting image after processing of 1 million samples. Notice how precise the model is outside of where there is no data.

Circles are geo positioned measurement stations in a river system, measuring flow velocity and concentration of oxygen, pollutants or other parameters. The analytics module calculates intermediate data values along the river system using advanced statistics, which is then visualized with color gradients. 


Supported methods in geo data processing.


Masterloop Geo Analytics supports the following methods when processing irregular datasets:

  • Ordinary/Simple Kriging
  • Moving Average
  • Nearest Neighbour
  • Inverse Distance
  • Polynomial Regression
  • Triangular w/linear interpolation


A pre-processing feature lets you filter the input data to achieve high performance calculations without losing out on data precision.

Point reduction algorithms.

Point reduction algorithms.


Advanced point reduction algorithms, which for example can be used for simplifying a track, thus reducing amount of data to be transferred from device to cloud, or reduce requirements for storage and processing.

You can specify maximum error in meters, and the point reduction module will remove all points that are not needed. The algorithm will ensure that the track is lower than the specified error tolerance threshold.