Masterloop Portal


Masterloop Portal is an online tool which is designed to provide full control and easy access to your devices and data on the Masterloop IoT Platform.

By focusing on your desire on informative content, Masterloop Portal enables you to manage your IoT devices wherever and whenever, from a laptop, desktop, tablet or on the go with your mobile phone. The Masterloop IoT Portal aims to provide value by delivering the right information and access at the right time in an appropriate, secure efficient manner.

Take advantage of accelerating your IoT projects and keep your company at the top with modern infrastructure! 

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  • Get a good overview of your IoT data from existing assets with better control. Easy and secure!

  • Centrally manage and review data across all your IoT devices

  • Perform evaluations dynamically by using the real-time data

  • Monitor many data fields according to your own needs

  • Set higher and lower alert thresholds to receive alerts if monitored field's value exceeds these thresholds

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  • Device management web application.

  • Continuous monitoring of connected devices (including data visualization and activity history).

  • Real time management of your product system.

  • Data management administration

  • Data model definition

  • Database monitoring and querying

  • Device messaging activity view

  • Specific role configuration to allow your IT personnel monitor and operate your connected products.


Browse your devices and inspect data, and plot them in a graph or view them in a table. This feature is extremely useful during development of new devices before a tailored front end has been developed.

View GIS data directly on maps to provide fast and easy visualization.

Chart View.png
map view.png


Send commands and view commands history from all devices within the portal. This feature is extremely useful during development of new devices before a tailored front end/sub system has been developed.



View device events within the portal, to diagnose devices during development, or during production. All events are kept for consistent history.