The voyage of the container in the sea can last from several days to weeks, sometimes longer than months. It is essential that the conditions in containers can be kept between specific limits during their journey to avoid unexpected results in the point of destination.

Masterloop is IoT partner of JBgroup, which is a worldwide supplier of technology, products, systems, projects and services for the marine and Oil & Gas industry.  Masterloop`s innovative solution which is based on Masterloop`s own IoT platform provides easy tracking of container locations and conditions of goods such as temperature, humidity, light and vibration, pressure, motion and weight so that they can be monitored by automated alerts when the limits are exceeded.

JBTracker is an IoT system that visualizes the locations of containers in the sea with providing graphs for further details. Enabled by IoT technology and installation of general narrowband IoT tracker device, your containers can give you real-time information about storage and transportation conditions.

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