Masterloop has provided digitalization solutions for connecting devices such as sensors, machines, cars, boats and more with mobile apps, web applications and other controlling software solutions since 2013.

The Masterloop Digitalization Platform is provided both as a hosted solution through Masterloop Cloud Services, and as a private cloud for self-hosting.




-Integrated Suite

The Masterloop Digitalization platform makes it possible for you to give your sensors or other devices a standardized API, that allows for easy integration with other systems such as mobile devices, web application, artificial intelligence systems or other third party company systems.


-Data Logging

A built-in feature of the Masterloop digitalization software is a high performance data logging service that allows logging of thousands of data points per second on average computer hardware.

Data stream can be easily integrated with artificial intelligence analytics for further use, or piped to a display for near real-time visualization.


-Remote Control

Control your devices easily, including remote configuration. Control device features and manage firmware upgrades.